Buried WW2 Treasure Discovered by Jewish Filmmaker

A collection of gold and silver coins, buried in WW 2, has been unearthed in the yard of a house in the city of Łódź, central Poland. 59 mainly German, French and Russian coins dating to the 18th century had been stashed in a jar and hidden by a local Jewish man.The coins were found by Yaron Svoray, an Israeli film director and author of a documentary on Łódź. After the documentary was aired he was approached by a descendant of a Łódź family who told him the story of the treasure. The search, filmed by an American television crew, was finally carried out on Wednesday. Some years ago Svoray discovered a cache of diamonds robbed in wartime from Jews and hidden on the French-German border. It’s not yet known what will happen to the coins found in Łódź, which are now held by the Embassy of Israel. This year, the city of Łódź is commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Nazis liquidation of its ghetto. It is hoped that the treasure could become part of a museum exhibition on the ghetto.