38 injured in Warsaw bus accident

photo - PAP
Police have interviewed all the witnesses of Saturday’s bus accident in Warsaw in which 38 people were injured, including six children.

The bus rolled off an embankment, crashed through barriers and blocked both lanes leading to a busy underpass in the capital.

The driver of a car which collided with the bus was also injured.

Nine people, including four children, still remain in hospital.

The worst injuries were sustained by the driver of the bus. The causes of the accident are still not known, say police. The Super Express tabloid this morning reports however that the accident occurred when the driver became distracted.

“I just wanted to change channels on the radio,” he is quoted as having said.

Police press spokesperson Beata Wlazłowska said that an investigation was underway to determine if it was the fault of the bus driver or because of some technical failure of the vehicle.

Police and prosecutors are also to review recordings of monitoring cameras from the bus. (ek)