• Warehouse blaze costs millions
  • 11.05.2011
photo - PAP/Pawel Supernak
Tuesday’s warehouse blaze in the Warsaw suburb of Wolka Kosowska may cost tens of millions of zloty in damages.

According to Mustafa Hajuk, whose family stored goods in the warehouse, as many as 50 companies lease space at the warehouse. Hajuk’s cousin is reported to have lost 500,000 zloty’s worth (125,000 euro) of goods in the fire.

This fire is not a one-off incident, it seems. Arkan, a businessman who spoke to Polish Radio, said that a similar blaze two years ago wrecked a warehouse some 500 metres away from the present fire.

Meanwhile, Fire Fighter Captain Karol Kierzkowski told Polish Radio that the fire has been completely extinguished, although difficulties were incurred due to the high amount of flammable materials kept in the warehouse.

Amazingly, an adjacent office block which was part of the warehouse complex was almost completely rescued due to the fire fighters’ actions.

However, fire fighters were not sent into the building to control the blaze, as high temperatures have warped the metal construction and as such the warehouse may collapse. (jb)