• Cameroonian activist guilty not only of spreading HIV in Poland?
  • 02.02.2007
Simon Mol, Cameroonian refugee, poet and leftist activist, arrested on charges of intentionally spreading HIV in Poland may also be guilty of embezzlement and fraud, claims the Polish broadsheet 'Rzeczpospolita' daily.

Mol was arrested in January after several women reported to the police that he infected them with HIV.

According to the victims, Mol pressured them into sex with no precautions, hiding his HIV positive status. Those girls, who asked for a condom to lessen the risk of sexually-transmitted diseases, Mol reportedly accused of 'racism'.

Simon Mol was very popular in leftist activist and artistic circles. In 2003 he was awarded the title of 'anti-fascist of the year' by a leftist organization.

His intentional spreading of HIV was known in these circles for some time now. However, it was only recently that the case was reported to the police.

The number of people that Mol might have infected with HIV over the past several years is estimated at over 100. According to recent revelations, Simon Mol abused his refugee status for possibly illegal financial gain. Reportedly, he was so influential in some elite circles, that the witnesses who have testified against him are now being intimidated and threatened.