• Cameroonian activist accused of infecting women with HIV is dying
  • 26.09.2008
Simon Mol, leftist activist from Cameroon accused of intentionally infecting eleven Polish women with the HIV virus, has been transferred to a hospital from the arrest, due to serious health problems.
Mol's health records show a serious deterioration of his condition, says Luiza Sałapa of the prison service: 'Simon Mol's state of health is really grave. This is practically a dying man. That's why prison doctors and the court issued the decision to send him to hospital outside the arrest,' she said.
Simon Mol's trial began in Warsaw in July. He had been arrested in January and then claimed that he had no idea that he was HIV positive. The police, however, found out otherwise.
Simon Mol's victims were young women, whom he met asking them to help him translate his essays and articles. He introduced himself as a poet, political refugee from Cameroon, writer and journalist, which later turned out to be false.
Today Mol still denies the accusations, claiming that the case is political. He faces a ten years' sentence if proven guilty.