Radio Recordings & Concerts Agency
Recording Studios Management Division

The Division is responsible for production of recordings and concerts for four airings by Polish Radio and external partners. It records for Polish Radio all outstanding musical events in Poland, such as star performances both of classical and light music, contests (Chopin contest in Warsaw and Wieniawski event in Poznań, to name the most important only), festivals like "Warszawska Jesień" (Warsaw Autumn), Wratislavia Cantans, Chopin Contest at Duszniki-Zdrój, Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Contest, Festival of Folk Bands and Singers at Kazimierz, or Jazz Jamboree.
In addition to recordings of classical and light music, studios at Woronicza street also register folk and experimental music (also soundtracks for film, television and theatre).

The Recording Studios Management Division, headed by Grażyna Ostenda, employs a professional team composed of sound directors (Gabriela Blicharz, Ewa Guziołek-Tubelewicz, Lech Dudzik, Zbigniew Kusiak) and production managers (Danuta Andrzejczak, Ewa Prus-Dłużniewska, Lidia Ścierańska). Małgorzata Parlińska is the music editor. Also, experienced sound directors collaborate with the Division (classical music - Julita Emanuiłow, Joanna Szczepańska-Antosik, Andrzej Solczak; light music - Jacek Gładkowski, Leszek Kamiński, Tadeusz Mieczkowski, Przemysław Nowak, Wojciech Przybylski, Jarosław Regulski, Mikołaj Wierusz), Maria Bychawska – editor, and Elżbieta Pobiedzińska – production manager.

The Division also accepts orders for masterings including phonographic, rerecordings and cuttings, done by sound directors at the position Sonic Solutions and Sonic Solutions HD. It also specialises in reconstructing old music and spoken recordings, that following cleaning on electronic devices, are rerecorded on new carriers (CDR, DAT).

The Recording Studios Management Division has at its disposal 5 modern studio sections, used to produce all types of professional music recordings.
Two recording-concert studios:
- Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio (J. P. Woronicza street 17)
- Agnieszka Osiecka Music Studio of Polish Radio (Myśliwiecka street 3/5/7).
Three recording studios (at ul. J. P. Woronicza):
- S2 large studio for recordings of classical music and soundtracks for films
- S3 large universal studio for recordings of various kinds of music
- S4/6 one of most modern studios for recordings of light music.

It is possible to establish cable connections between studios, e.g. S1 - S4/6; S2 - S4/6 Studios are permanently equipped with Steinway concert pianos. Moreover, the team disposes of 2 Neupert harpsichords – contemporary, plus a copy of instrument F. E. Blanchet, Paris 1737, celesta and harmonium.

The Recording Studios Management Division also renders the following services:
- studios rental, organisation and comprehensive handling of concerts with audience also for external partners, and rental of music instruments.