Large studio for recordings of classical music and film soundtracks. Connected by 32 microphone, headphone and television lines to studio section S4/6, plus 32 digital lines (NEXUS system) to S1 and S4/6. Which offers possibilities to produce extensive, complex recordings in multi-track technology. The studio was used for recordings of folk, chamber, orchestra music, as well as for soundtracks, as an element of a bigger project. Also, this studio may host rehearsals of large music bands (even of chorus with symphony orchestra) prior to concerts and recordings in other studios. Studio S2 is air-conditioned. It features a Steinway piano model D.

Studio S2
cubage 3320 m3
area 387 m2
echo time 1.2 second

broad choice of following brands:
Schoeps MK 2; MK 4; MK 21; MK 2S
Neumann U 47; U87; SM 69;
B&K 4006; 4007; 4011;
and other equipment in studios S3 and S4/6 – at prior agreement

Control room
console Studer 962/14/4
recorder Telefunken M15A
recorder DAT Sony PCM 2700A
audio monitoring Klein&Hummel 092