Large universal studio for recordings of various kinds of music. Inaugurated in 1984, for several years it was the seat of the Dance Orchestra of Polish Radio, conducted by Andrzej Trzaskowski. The studio features soundproof separation cabins, enabling simultaneous recordings of orchestra with soloists, or of various instrumental bands. Studio S3 offers a double-circuit headphone audio monitoring system for performers, and a system of internal closed-circuit television. The studio is air-conditioned. It also includes a Steinway piano model D. Studio S3 produced large recordings of soundtracks for film and jazz music, i.a. by Henryk Miśkiewicz, Wojciech Karolak, and Anna Maria Jopek.

Studio S3
cubage 1.900 m³
area 246 m²
echo time 0.6 sec.
Studio S3A
cubage 87 m3
area 29 m2
echo time 0.3 sec.

broad choice of following brands:
Schoeps MK2s, BML3;
Neumann U47, U87, SM69;
B&K 4011;
Shure 65SD, Beta 57;
Sennheiser MD441, MD421;
Beyerdynamic M8;
AKG C414, D112
and other equipment in studios S2, S4/6 and W. Lutosławski Studio – at prior agreement

Control room
console AMEK Hendrix 40/40
Pro Tools|HD2 Accel:
Converter SSL XLogic Alpha-Link MADI SX
24 analogue I/O , 8 AES/EBU I/O
computer Mac Pro Quad 2.66 GHz
multi-track recorders STUDER A820 24MCH (dolby SR), STUDER A800\MKII 16MCH (dolby SR)
recorders STUDER A812 (1/4"), Telefunken M15A, DAT Sony PCM 2700A, Tascam 122 MK IIII
player CD Sony CDP2700
synchronising system STUDER TLS4000
audio monitoring: ATC 100, Auratone 5CV
processors DRAWMER LX20, DL 251 i 1960, Valley People
echo: Lexicon 300, Alesis Quadraverb, Digitech DSP 256XL
harmoniser EVENTIDE H3000-S
sampler Lexicon Jamman