The studio is located in the building of Polish Radio at Myśliwiecka street 3/5/7. The completely renovated and modernised facility boasts a long history. It is Warsaw’s oldest radio building. Designed in the late 19th-century, as a horse riding arena for cavalry units stationed in the great area of Łazienki Park. During WWII the building was totally destroyed, it was rebuilt in 1947 and adapted to the needs of a radio station. In its central section a large music studio was created, designed by engineers Tadeusz Dąbrowski and Aleksander Janik. In the 1950s it became the seat of Warsaw Radio Orchestra, directed for two decades by the outstanding musician Stefan Rachoń. The studio known as M-1 gained recognition for its perfect acoustic features, therefore, during its general modernisation in 1996/1997 the designers - acoustician Jan Dodacki and architect Kazimierz Wośko – did their best to preserve that virtue.
Currently the studio section is composed of a main studio of area 256 m2 and control room 35 m2. It also includes a SADIE assembly-mastering position. The control room is equipped with an analogue mixing table of the latest generation SSL series 9000J with computer control, and recorders for multi-track recording - analogue A827 24MCH, and digital DASH D827 48MCH. The studio is very well equipped with microphones, quite well with peripheral equipment, and the control room features fully professional acoustic adaptation. The studio section was designed to house various types of artistic events, primarily concerts with audience, recordings of pop, jazz, rock, also classic bands of all compositions, soundtrack recordings, plus press conferences, meetings with listeners, etc. The studio may comprise 150 chairs for organising concerts. A large glassed hall at the entrance to building is the place for cocktail parties, social meetings with artists, producers, etc.
At good weather conditions, guests have at their disposal gardens around the building.
The studio was inaugurated and named after Agnieszka Osiecka, following the poetess’s death in 1997. The respective ceremony was combined with promotion of a 5-record album featuring songs with her texts, titled "5 Oceanów" (5 Oceans), published by Polskie Radio SA (Polish Radio).

Outstanding sound directors carry out their recordings at the Agnieszka Osiecka Music Studio of Polish Radio on a continuous basis, such as Jacek Gładkowski, Tadeusz Mieczkowski, Przemysław Nowak, Wojciech Przybylski, Jarosław Regulski, and Mikołaj Wierusz.

Cubage ca 1500 m3
Area 256 m2

several-unit sets of each model:
Neuman U-47; U-87; TLM-50;
Schoeps MK 2s; BLM3; MK 21Hg;
Microtech UM 92.1s;
Sony C 800;
Sennheiser MD 421, AKG C 12VR;
Electrovoice RE20;
Groove Tube 3, wireless set Shure

Amplification equipment:
console Yamaha LS 9-32 48 inputs, 14 analogue outputs
set of speakers JBL series SR 47.... 2 x 5.000W,
processors SYMETRIX Compressor Limiter x 2, Graphic Equalizer DOD x 4, APHEX model 106, DIGITECH, Drive rack dbx PA
Personal monitoring Shure

Control room:
Console: SL9040J Solid State Logic.
Pro Tools|HD 7.4:
5 converters Digidesign I/O
40 inputs / 48 analogue outputs
computer MacPro 8-core, 3GHz, 2GB RAM , 250 HDD, DVD Superdrive
Monitor LCD 40” Samsung LE 40N87BD
Canopus ADVC 110- with option to distribute video signal of session in recording studio
Plug Ins Waves Dimond, TC Tools (MasterX, VoiceTools), Antares-Autotune 5 TDM and other

STUDER DASH D- 827 48MCH, STUDER A 827 - 24MCH + Dolby SR, STUDER A 807, DAT SONY PCM 2800, TASCAM 122 MK III.
CD Player SONY 2700,
Speakers BOXER T3 + GENELEC 1031 A.
Processors LEXICON 960L, LEXICON 300L, TC Electronic M5000, TC Electronic 2000, Eventide DSP 4000, De-Esser DBX 902, Dynamite Valley People,
converter AD/DA 20Bit MYTEK,
preamps Tube Tech

mastering: SADI v5 PCM4M +DVD-R + control desk JL COOPER CS10
speakers: GENELEC 1031A
recording: CDR STUDER D-740; DAT SONY PCM-2700A, DAT STUDER D 780.
Processor: TC Electronic M5000

Director’s room was designed by a leading world firm specialising in this type of interiors – the London-based Harris, Grant Associates Ltd.
Quotes about the Studio:

Tadeusz Mieczkowski : "It’s a place one’s not eager to leave."
Wojciech Przybylski : "I feel here like in a Rolls Royce."
Jarosław Regulski: "In this studio, I can do everything."